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Weight loss

We are best known for our weight loss and you don’t have to search very far to see one of our transformations. Our program is all about education (essential for keeping the weight off!), fresh foods (you wont believe how much you get to eat!), and smart exercise (if needed, we start you lightly and build steadily!).

With us you will reach your goal weight fast, and keep it off!

Workers Compensation

Accidents happen and it’s important to surround yourself with a team that look after YOUR best interests. At Ray Kelly’s Transform we will use the latest methods to rehabilitate your injury and get you back to work!

Dept Veterans Affairs

As Exercise Physiologists we are accredited by the DVA to provide services for card holders. However, to take our support for our veterans and their families further we offer free training in our gym each Friday!

Workplace Programs

Imagine having a workplace where everyone is healthy, happy and positive. You can have our team come to your workplace and take your team through our program over a 10 week period. Our most recent workplace program saw 53 workers lose 643kg in 10 weeks. Of the 53, 36 had high blood pressure in the beginning with only 5 by week 10!

At the end of Week 10, 100% of participants stated that:

• They were happy with their weight loss results

• They had more energy

• They felt better within themselves

Injury Rehabilitation

Once the swelling has subsided it’s important that you have a qualified and experienced exercise professional progress you through the rehabilitation process. Our trainers have spent a minimum of 4 years at university as well as countless hours in the gym helping people get back to their physical peak